Hop On Reading

Hop On Reading Series One

Hop On Reading Series One introduces the Closed Syllable Rule
CVC (Consonant- Vowel- Consonant) letter pattern and short vowel sound. The series consists of 5 fully-illustrated readers and interactive practice journal. The journal has inquiry and sensory stimulating exercises to support each phonemic theme.

Hop On Reading's Series Two
Hop On Reading Series Two includes:
Frog’s Pond - Consonant blends 

Dot and Dog Can Go, Go, Go - Open Syllable Rule
They Can All Have Fun - Pronouns
Quick Fox -  Qu and X
Chip’s Ship - Digraphs ch, sh, th, wh

Interactive Practice Journal

Hop On Reading Series provides reading material for dyslexia, early and ESL readers with diversity and successfully-proven learning methods. The readers, written by Laura Barr (Sargent) Gerlach, are stories that support the Orton-Gillingham approach to dyslexia. Each series teaches one of the seven syllable type and consist of 5 fully-illustrated readers including an interactive practice journal. The journal has inquiry and sensory stimulating exercises to support each phonemic theme and spelling rule.  A family of characters created by Patti O’Hare Williams engage the reader through the pages by providing humor and encouragement. 

Dyslexia, easy readers, Laura Barr Gerlach
Hop On Reading Fun in the Sun by Laura Barr Sargent
Hop On Reading Ten Hens by Laura Barr Sargent
Hop On Reading The Hat by Laura Barr Sargent

"Hop on Reading Series 1 provides a structured foundation and systems approach to reading that is engaging, fun, and creative to stimulate and motivate the learner in a multi-sensory way. As an occupational therapist working with many different needs and skill levels I am always looking for tools that promote high interest, lots of interaction and hands on skill building and is also so much fun that the child learns through their own joy and engagement. With Mrs. Sargent's philosophy and Mrs Williams illustration they have developed a reading program that is both sound in principle and creative to read and enjoy. The first time through we read the entire book! Going back it was fun to really explore each lesson and enjoy the illustrations. Looking forward to continuing with the next series!"

"These books are awesome! My brother has dyslexia, my mother would have loved having this material for him. She struggled and struggled finding reading material. These are just what she needed!"

Hop On Reading Zip Zip Zip by Laura Barr Sargent

What people are saying:

"The Hop on Reading books are full of funny stories and my son loves the recurring characters. At first I thought the books were just an opportunity to read more with my son, but then I read about the structured approach to the wording and rhythm in the stories. Very impressive and makes me want to get the entire series as my son is learning to read!"

"The Hop On Reading Series is doing exactly what it's designed to do. My students are decoding the words, learning the sight words and there is enough repetition they are remembering the words by the end of the book and on to the next. In the journal I love, love, love the letters on the hands! The sensory stimulation is helping develop the writing process."

"I love Cat, Bat and Frog! I want to read them over and over!"

Hop On Reading The Log by Laura Barr Sargent
Dyslexia, early reader, Laura Barr Gerlach

​Hop On Reading for Dyslexia and All Struggling Readers