Hop On Reading is a leveled reading series for dyslexia, new readers, people with language processing disorders, and ESL students. ​

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Repetition and the systematic sequencing of word-building 
and the carefully constructed text are our tools of success.​

Written by Laura Barr (Sargent) Gerlach,

Hop On Reading supports Orton-Gillingham approach to dyslexia. 

Hop On Reading teaches each of the six syllable types and consists of 5 fully-illustrated readers and an interactive practice journal to support each level. The journal has inquiry and sensory stimulating exercises tailored to each phonemic theme and spelling rule.  

Illustrated by Patti O’Hare Williams,

Hop On Reading's family of characters engage the reader with

a unique environment and distinct humor. 

Each books builds new sight words, concepts and characters. 

Readers will learn and enjoy the new family of friends that engage and encourage the experience of reading!

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Engaging Support to all Structured Literacy Intervention

for Dyslexia and Early Readers Worldwide

Hop On Reading Series One

5 fully-illustrated readers and interactive practice journal - Over 150 pages

Readers introduce:
short vowel sound - Closed Syllable Rule 

CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) 

letter pattern and short vowel sound
Practice Journal with inquiry and sensory stimulating activities for each phonemic theme.

"This type of format is essential for the struggling readers and ELL students. My students loved the stories and expressive artwork!...As a teacher I loved the way the stories built on and how quickly my students were starting to read them independently. You could see their confidences growing :) Highly recommend as a supplement to whatever phonics and reading program that is being used. Great for parents to use at home to build your child's fluency!"

​                                                                       - Amazon Review

Hop On Reading Series Two
More fully-illustrated readers and tailored interactive practice journal - Over 190 new pages

Frog’s Pond - Consonant blends 
Dot and Dog Can Go, Go, Go - Open Syllable Rule
They Can All Have Fun - Pronouns
Quick Fox -  Qu and X
Chip’s Ship - Digraphs ch, sh, th, wh
​Practice Journal - interactive practice skills for Series Two

Hop On Reading Practice Journal, Laura B Sargent

Hop On Reading Series One The Log, Laura B Sargent
Dyslexia, easy reader, Laura Barr Gerlach
Hop On Reading Series One Ten Hens, Laura B Sargent
Dyslexia, easy reader, Laura Barr Gerlach

​Hop On Reading for Dyslexia and All Struggling Readers

Hop On Reading Series One Fun in the Sun, Laura B Sargent
Hop On Reading Series One Zip Zip Zip, Laura B Sargent
Hop On Reading Series One The Hat, Laura B Sargent

Hop On Reading Series One and Hop On Reading Series Two

are available as ebooks!​

Dyslexia, early reader, Laura Barr Gerlach