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"The Hop on Reading books are full of funny stories and my son loves the recurring characters.... Very impressive and makes me want to get the entire series as my son is learning to read!"


“I cannot say how much this whole process helped our family; we are an international family ...struggling with relatively good international mainstream schooling for a very non mainstream child... 


"XXXXl likes when you read to him but he has struggled with decoding ... He is a visual child and likes to work with engines, cars and boats!  A hands on type of little guy :)  XXXX tested with Lexercise to see if he was Dyslexic [his teacher] said 'he is  a well behaved bright little boy but....'" 


XXXX is reading "Beyoners" by Brandon Mull.. 454 pages 😳...A year ago he wouldn't have even attempted a 1st grade "chapter book"...

Laura Barr (Sargent) Gerlach

Laura (Sargent) Gerlach has been working with dyslexic children and adults for the past 12 years in the Caribbean, US and now, around the world via online platform of Lexercise.​ Finding a need for culturally diverse material for her international students, Laura developed The Hop On Reading Series.

Laura and her husband raised their two boys aboard their yacht "Malolo" where she homeschooled her children grades K-12. ​Her life experiences and education have developed a broad minded creative approach and sensitivity to teaching with an ability to relate to her students of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.​

Laura now lives in Suquamish Washington with her husband and two cats.

Masters of Education- Arts in Education  Harvard University 
RAVE-O - Tufts University 
Dyslexia Certification/Orton-Gillingham Training - Dyslexia Training Institute
Structured Language Certified- Lexercise
Integrated Listening Practitioner - Integrated Listening Therapy 

Hop On Reading is a leveled compact reading series for dyslexia, ESL and emerging readers. Each series consists of 5 fully illustrated reading books and an interactive practice journal. Designed on the Structured Language framework of Orton-Gillingham, Hop On Reading's carefully crafted text enhanced by a family of characters fully engage the reader through humor and encouragement.  The practice journal incorporates multi sensory, inquiry stimulating exercises to support each phonemic theme per series. Available in paper or ebook format.

Laura joined Lexercise as a Remedial Reading Instructor  who needed  to find an alternative program for students she was leaving behind in a small Caribbean school. However, instead of leaving them, she was able to join them in the online environment. 
Laura can reach more students in an online platform which provides the systematic structure and reinforcement necessary for a successful program. She currently teaches students of all ages internationally and peppered across the US. The students truly enjoy the online classes and daily practice games. Their confidence builds from stronger reading and writing skills. 

Patti O’Hare Williams is a talented and award-winning artist who specializes in illustration, corporate branding, print and web design. She has won several awards for her fine art and has many skilled talents in communicating ideas through media and art.  While traveling with her family, she has experienced many cultural and visual environments that have influenced her artwork. For the Hop On Reading Series, Patti's humor and intuition is woven into engaging, stimulating and memorable illustrations. Her characters have brought the Hop On Reading text to life and stimulates an encouragement to the sometimes tedious task of learning the written code. 


Artist Member of the North Shore Arts, Gloucester, MA

Selected Artist Hospice of the North Shore Auction & Regatta
Outstanding Work Award, Essex County Juried Art Exhibit, Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Bank Award, Essex County Art Exhibit, Marblehead, MA
The Marblehead Arts Festival, Edward D. Carey Award

Patti O'Hare Williams

"He picked up a book and began to read! I didn't even have to ask him!"

​Hop On Reading for Dyslexia and All Struggling Readers

"Thank you for helping Mr. Very Good to hopefully be  Mr. Very Good in Reading"

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